Sock Bun Curls!

One of my favorite hair styles, and probably one of the easiest and effortless, that I always go to is curly hair. But it wasn't always easy, that was before I was introduced to sock bun curls! The night before you want your hair curly, put your hair into a sock bun! In the morning when you take out your hair, it is already curly! I have used a lot of trial and error for this on where to place the bun, I found it is best (For natural looking curls) when it is lower. I love doing this because it cuts your hair styling in half and all you need to add are touch ups!


  1. Damp your hair- Not soak! It works best when it is 85% dry & 15% wet 
  2. Put your hair into a pony tail  
  3. Use a sock bun to make a bun.- I always use a cut up sock, but if you have a sock bun mold that works too!
  4. Sleep in over night
  5. When you wake up immediately take it out- So the crazy curls have time to die down
  6. Optional- Brush through it
  7. Hair Spray
  8. Touch-ups! 

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