Thursdays are Tough Days

As my school week comes to an end, the homecoming weekend welcomes me with open arms!
Wednesdays typically are my stressful days, being that Thursday marks the end of my weekly dead lines. My Thursdays begin with an 8AM Math quiz, which can either start off my day well, or on a bitter note. Most weeks, it brings a good start to the day, and starts off the weekend with no inequalities lingering in my mind!

As homecoming weekend approaches, I can tell ya, there will be no linear equations, or any school related content, on my mind this weekend!

My thoughts of this Thursday

I am thankful for good friends, when times get though. Even if they don't say anything, being there is what counts the most.

I came across an old song, which typically I would not be listening to, and it seemed fitting for my day and my current mood.

"I've got some issues that nobody can see. And all of these emotions are pouring out of me."

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