Massive Work-Load on Mondays

Well hello Monday!

It was lovely to be greeted to this week with amazing weather! Even though I spent the majority of my day in classes and then to the library, it felt nice to feel the warmth during my passing periods! My lovely friends, and I, never fail to take advantage of strutting around in our warmer attire.

I continue to spend my day in the library with the acquaintance of my books and my hefty backpack. I wouldn't be getting anything done, if I didn't have spotify! Today I came across some old songs that reminded me of old relationships that are no longer present in my life. As I sat around listening to these songs, I couldn't help but feel a sad and bitter feeling.

Daily Thoughts:
If you knew someone would never return back into your life, do you actively try to remember your relationship and the memories you once had, or do you move past it, avoiding things that bring up the memories that you'll never be able to enjoy again?

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