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As my extra long winter break (j-term) comes to the end and classes are finally enrolled, I leave my beautiful home in Minnesota and head back to Wisco. The break was defiantly needed and it allowed my body to fully recover from first semester! Although I am a fan of Minnesota, being back in Wisconsin with all my friends is an amazing feeling.  I plan to do some changes to my blog, such as a weekly post rather than a daily post.

Here's to another successful semester!

 As my extra long winter break begins.. (40 days), I plan to check out of using technology, including my blog posts, and fully catch up on sleep and get back into a strict fitness routine! I suppose this could be considered a New Years resolution,  but I plan to get back to school a new and improved version of my self! I want to be extremely motivated, energized, fit and beautified, meaning I plan to get a hair cut, eyebrows and nails done, the whole deal.

Breaks are amazing, and very essential! Anyone else plan to make some changes over the holiday break?

Checking out from the blog until February, have an amazing holiday season and winter break! :)

Hip-hip-horray! I completed my last final exam of my first semester of college and now I'm heading home! Home to the beautiful state of Minnesota :) As a Minnesotan, I have a large amount of pride for my state, I read somewhere online

"One day I hope someone loves me, as much as a Minnesotan loves Minnesota."

Which I one hundred percent support the fact that Minnesotans are obsessed with their home states! Its a lovely and amazing state and has so many beautiful things to offer, not to mention the four season!

This weekend, I spent a lot of time reflecting. As the semester has its few final days left, I keep thinking about what I thought college was truly going to be like. People say its the best four years of your life, I am yes having a really great time, but people forget to mention the giant amount  stress that occurs during these best four years! Also, people forget to mention that it is going to be tough, and at times you're going to feel lonely, but its okay to feel that way.. It's normal and a lot more common then you would think. Relationships that are genuine and that last a long time, take time to build and when you get to college you lose a lot of your old relationships.It can be a struggle to fulfill the need to have genuine relationships but to create strong friendships with complete strangers, isn't as easy as it seems!

Wish me luck, as I spend the remainder of today in preparation for my finals this following week.  Today an abundance of tears have been shed, over the fact that I am not ready for this semester to  be over, and my grades to be finalized :( Lol okay that was dramatic! I will be okay as I finish up this final week.


Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.

Time is not in my favor, as finals week comes to a quick end. My nine page paper, on Hilary Duff and her hometown significance, will be the death of me. Who knew someone who is pretty much innocent in the eyes of the public, would be sooooo hard to find information on! I chose to write my paper about her, because she is one of the only childhood stars that isn't insane, but now I'm left struggling to find information! She has kept out of the spotlight so well, it makes it more difficult! The final draft of this paper is due tomorrow, at ten am, and I am just beggining the sixth page. :(

Wish me luck, as I continue to spend three additional hours in the library, jamming out to Taylor Swifts new album, cramming this paper!

Happy finals week to me!


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