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I began the year with a brand new Keruig, and haven't gone a day with out. These last few weeks, the taste of coffee hasn't been as appealing to my taste buds. I am a caffeine addict, so giving up coffee would be virtually impossible! I have switched from two or three cups of coffee to one cup in the morning that I chug as quickly as possible, and then I resort to my daily fix of caffeine through tea for the remainder of the day. Previously up until a year ago, I hated the taste of tea. I then found that there is a large range of flavors and types, and my idea of tea (which was Lipton Ice Tea), was extremely closed off. I then tried Hot Cinnamon Spice from Caribou Coffee, and realized it really wasn't bad at all, but it was delicious!

Over the course of the last few weeks, my tea consumption has increased and I found I have a lot more energy! I was interested in learning about the benefits and I found that tea does much more than supply caffeine! Tea contains a variety of antioxidants, which always are helpful, and it helps curve cravings of sweets! With a sweet tooth as strong as mine, a curve in appetite for sweets is always helpful!

My Carmella, from Spy House Coffee in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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