Always Looking Forward


My thoughts today, thanks to the wonderful world of tumblr. 

Do you always find your self looking forward to the next week, weekend, or next break? I know I always seem to cling to what is in the near future, but never seem to grasp what is occurring in that moment. People say when you're in college, time appears to go faster. I believe this statement is true, because of the stress and the constant thoughts of the coming weekend. It is one fall semester later, and it feels like it wasn't too long ago it was the first week of classes. They say to experience and enjoy your years of youth, but when we are constantly looking for what the future holds, it seems like its hard to. Living in the moment, something I never seem to do. Time needs to slow down, and in order for it to appear to, we need to take in the moment and appreciate the NOW. What is happening now, who is here now, and where are we now.  Does anyone relate to this, or am I the only one?!

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