My Life as a Type A

I recently came across an article on Facebook, "26 Reasons why you are type A," and it couldn't describe me any better. I laughed at a few of the statements, such as "you cant stand walking behind people who are slower than you, your home screen on your computer is organized, you always seem to take over group projects." Many positive things can be a result of being type A, but sometimes it can be a little over whelming! Another thing that I related to,when reading this article was "you are always stressed, and when your not stressed, you still are."which is so true about me! I am the biggest worry wart and over thinker that it causes me to always feel stressed and panicked!

I've been thinking about taking an in depth personality test, just out of curiosity, to see what my strengths and weaknesses are in my personality traits. Has anyone found surprisingly accurate results when reading or performing these tests?!

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