Grass is Still Greener Over on This Side

Sunday's were created to allow rest. So rest is exactly what I did! I spent my day catching up over the phone with some friends back home. I believe to fully appreciate life, you must reward yourself. After strenuous hours of work during the school week, I believe a day to treat yourself is always in order! After taking a walk on campus, I noticed that the grass, on October 26th, is still green! This seemed like craziness to me! A few years back there was a blizzard on Halloween, but in 2014 the grass still seems to be alive as ever! Which I'm not complaining, this 50-60 degree weather is welcome to stay as long as it pleases!

Daily Thoughts
I spent the day relaxing and it really helped me appreciate the things I am blessed with. When you view your life, when you are stressed out, you often miss the little things! Today as I pushed aside the workload (which I might regret tomorrow) I could fully put my life in perspective, and be thankful for my loving family, friends, and education. :)

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