24 Hours Back Home

As I traveled down the familiar road, for what seemed like the millionth time, to my home sweet home, I was in awe of the fall beauty that was exhibited. As I drove down the road, the sight of tall, uniform trees were placed down the long windy road. Living in a neighborhood, such as mine, we have unique requirements and standards that each house must follow. One of them being the trees along the road must be lined with trees, which leaves a beautiful sight during the transition seasons.

Daily Thoughts:
Beauty can be applied and defined as so many things.  The weather, shiny silky hair, and child birth, people refer to these being beautiful. I think that it is crazy that the words "Beauty, or Beautiful" can be applied to such a variety of subjects that have almost no relationship at all!

Although I do not missed the chilled weather, road plowing and crisp temperatures, I miss the beauty winter brings. I captured this picture last winter and couldn't pass up posting it along.

Winter beauty from my neighborhood.

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