What it is Like Being a Nerd

I typically spend my days in the library, usually with a coffee and my laptop in hand. It wasn't until about two years ago that I finally began to value education and fully apply myself. I truly believe that education is the oath to success, and in order to be successful you must give your all to your studies. School isn't always the most interesting, but pursuing everything with 110% may not seem worth it, but it's always rewarding. Today in my hardest class of the semester, I was recognized by one of my teachers. All my endless amount of time and effort spent in that class truly paid off, and receiving her feedback in such a manner, made me want to continue to strive in the classroom.

Daily Thoughts: Even if you don't consider yourself "smart", it's all about applying yourself. You can change your ways at any point in time, either it be today or tomorrow. Fully applying yourself is a decision and I strongly recommend it!

Here's a selfie of me in my natural habitat ;)

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