Time to Get Cracking Tuesday


Happy Tuesday!

I struggle to find the last few bits of motivation left in my brain, but as of today, I only have one final left! One of my favorite classes, Basic Merchandising, was one of the most demanding and intense classes I have taken. After working my butt off this entire semester, completing my final presentation today and receiving 100% on it, was an amazing feeling! Being passionate about what you do is one of the most important things in life. Up until these last few days, I have been having doubts about if I was taking the right career path. I felt as if I was good at fashion and retail merchandising, but felt like I may be more successful in a different field. After this week, I finally feel confident in where I plan to go, and I finally feel reassured I am doing the right thing! SO back to hitting the books for the last week of the semester. I just need to keep telling myself, I've made it this far, no use in giving up now!


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