Day Dreamer

I often day dream about setting aside my responsibilities and switching places with someone else. Sometimes I do this, because I feel the need to escape, but other times I do it for enjoyment and inspiration. By looking at other peoples lives, especially someone who is older and more experienced then yourself, you can often be inspired. Day dreaming, I believe is not a bad thing, but an motivating thing, if you do it with a realistic mindset.

A few things I tend to turn to for inspiration
  • Cara Van Brocklin
  • Pinterest x10
  • Other Instagram users, using the explore tab- I strongly recommend looking at this page, if you haven't already!


When day dreaming, I often find myself distracted and end up spending a little too much time on! Like I am currently doing at the moment! I decided today that instead of posting a few of my "Daily Thoughts." I will be posting a song that describes me and my day. I must say as a warning, the genre and the artists will be extremely diverse! So brace yourselves. What that being said,

 The song that describes me today: "Flowers in your Hair" Lumineers

Cause it's a long road to wisdom, but it's a short one to being ignored 

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