The Snow Shows No Signs of Stopping

Let it snow! I absolutely adore the white snow that lays over the remains of fall. The snow is so beautiful when it is untouched. Before the snow plows, the passing cars and students footprints.. The snowy sight is one to stop and admire. I really do love winter, besides the iciness and the fact I almost wiped out, in my hunter boots, walking to class this morning! I am a strong believer that snow is essential to winter and the hiday seasons, but I'm not a fan of it any day after January 1st!

All this snow gets me thinking of the holiday season, in which I am not prepared for!! I better start saving up and planning for all the purchases ill need to make! 

Besides admiring the snow, today I need to catch up on my packing! I'm leaving for a trip to Chicago tomorrow, in the morning! More details to come :)

Happy Hump Day!

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