Escaping Reality? 9/25/14

Thirsty Thursday... Thirsty for all things caffeine! One more day to the weekend, one more day until I am reunited with my home! Heading out of small town Menomonie and heading back to the familiar suburbs!  As I wrap up my coursework for the week, going home is the only thing on my mind!
Home, a safe place I am lucky to have. As I sit in the student center (like usual ;).. ) I thought of the long drives some students have to take in order to return home. I thought of how unfortunate that must be, being that my drive is only a little over an hour, making the frequent trips possible. 

Daily Thoughts

Today, I thought of the people who don't go home. Not because the distance is a barrier, but because they don't want to. I feel blessed to have a place I love to go. Surrounded with good memories, the family I love, and my dogs that I adore, all only one hour away. An escape from stress, peers and (some) responsibilities. Sadly, some people don't have that freedom or escape. Home brings them problematic situations and stress, and being away is the escape

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